Check Out the Greenfield Synthetic Grass FAQs

Yes! We have many types of turf suitable for both kids and pets!

Depending on the size of your project, the entire process takes between 1-4 days.

Every municipality is different so we recommend researching your city’s website to look
for rebates they may be offering. Often times you can find rebates for replacing your existing
grass to something more drought tolerant.

Synthetic Grass is relatively maintenance free. You may notice small weeds pop up along an edge, where turf meets concrete for example, however, our turf won't be affected by general weed killers. If installed properly, you shouldn’t see weeds pop up in the middle of your turf.

Generally speaking, our crew first comes in to excavate your project area. We then install any bender board or hardscape you may need. After the area is readied, we apply, compact and grade our base material - usually a mixture of recycled concrete road base and sand. Then it’s time to install your turf! We use 5” nails and 6” u-shaped staples to secure the turf in place. Once the turf is in we lay the infill material on top and brush the turf to look it’s Best!

Sometimes it can. To help with the smell of pet urine, we can use a pet deodorizing antibacterial infill on top of the turf. This will provide a temporary solution to pet odor. We always recommend spraying the turf down with water every once in a while as well. There are also several cleaning products on the market at your local hardware store specifically designed for pet odors and turf.

No. Unfortunately, if gophers are present in your yard, they will not be deterred by synthetic grass. We always recommend seeking professional pest control, and installing gopher wire under the turf, when dealing with gophers.

Most turf manufacturers provide a 15 year warranty which covers certain manufacturer defects. Usually this is 100% for the first 8 years and prorated after. Greenfield Synthetic Grass offers a 3 year installation warranty.

Garden of Smooth Green Grass Lawn and Trees
Garden of Smooth Green Grass Lawn and Trees